Thursday, March 29, 2007

T3h Rehearsal

The only reason i went to school today is for kh and guess what? You probably guess it but i didnt bring my kayu ~ ~ yay....... So went to school for fuxed and then went on the day studying was in a good mood to do bm but then got bored.....

Gonna ponteng tomorrow cuz my kayu no hope dy ask people to hantar for me settle

Went to justins house after school. Before that we makan at school dunno what to makan so yeah just ate donuts yeepeee.....Then justins mom fetch go hes house damn wet and sweaty cuz raining like a fux today. They rehearse while i play the fool then i went to watch happy feet wee....but before that we made stewpid videos of ourselfs :D fun

Then later on jason came then they rehearse rehearse i take video settle go home time me travis walk home while jason walk half way wait hes mom. Settle there......

Went home,bath after 13 hours in my school uniform ~ ~ Ate dinner at home I was really hoping for something niced when my mom said we were having pasta like my favourite cream thingy pasta buttttttttttttt noooooooooooooooooooo my mom had to f*cked my dinner by making it tomato sauced :( i really hate tomato sauced pasta it taste like vomit to me, and the meat has lost all its taste it became vomit flavor >< i hatezzzzzz tomato flavoured pasta

Then was pissed but went to kayu with justin and bryan again went there ate roti ate tissues then habis go my house dled ai in dota and play abit . Tomorrow im not going to school cuz i plain hate it settle

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