Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chickens Across the streets and The forget-to-mention-details

I saw chickens across the road infront of my school.The road was a very busy one ><.The picture wasnt very clear thou because i took it with a phone D: Sorry to whoever's house it maybe but i just wanna take the pictures XD
but still the skills to take pictures across a busy road and unshaking hands are skillZ (XD lansi)

Today we had Seven free periods Weeee!!!! Started off abit boring but when it ended it wasnt enough : ( !!!!! i guess even if the whole day is free i wont have enuff ><) im some times greedy. Talked with a quite alot of people today heard and discuss certain interesting things like about how to earn money , about a certain girl whom looks like a sai lou lui or little girl XD.We did maths today, its fun as usual i actually learn something in school whenever its maths. Even thou i skipped 3-4 sub chapters of indicers(i dunno how to spell:P)*maths leveled up by 1* I felt smarter and also i am proud of me self ( lansi again XD).

Also i had moral today, stewpid puan pengetua was being a b*tch. I didnt bring my moral book today because i forgot today got moral (partially my bad there but....) When i was about to copy whatever she said and wrote on the board on a piece of paper, She came and scolded me and the guy beside me.Saying im lazy and crap (the guy beside didnt bring hes note book too....) just cuz i didnt bring book. But what i really thought was that if i was really lazy i wouldnt even bother doing double work and copying just go borrow some some other person in my class. Very the potong she is D:. So i ended up scribblin instead of copying nicely.
I mean some people dont even give a crap some times and i get "tegur-ed" for actually doing instead of sitting and staring c*ck...

Im now wondering should i go to school tomorrow or not because i manage to persuade mom with my ponteng skillz to let me skip school XD!!!! <-------- Asking for oppinions........cuz im not sure to go or not. BTW no maths tomorrow too :(

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