Saturday, March 24, 2007

23 March 2007

I came back yesterday and straight went to dead on bed mode ~~ was an instant went to sleep as soon as i change thing.Yesterday was such a tiring day.

Went to school yesterday, had maths as first period and ended up hurrying to finish till puan teh suddenly said no need to pass up.....(waste time betul)then after thats she scribble stuff then we copy then she gave home work we do home work. Nothing much there besides the fact that i predicted that mathew was gonna kena scold then was scolded 5-10 seconds later :D(im phychic)After that free period then siviks then seni.Nicholas leong kena d3 for seni because he drew some obscene poster about f*ck....(just a joke can kena d3 can say very the swt)

Went to cs after that to play a few games of dota :D I pawned for the first 2 rounds then at the third i vow never to play with a guy named yujie ever again :) Its better for my health that way. Through the games we had fun yelling at each other.I was yelling the loudest till all of a suddenly almost all the observers who mou ye jou come watch me. Since they were all big fellows i decided to shut up till they all ciao dulu cuz if i turn around and shout it be like shouting at them instead i type at lightning speed pace :D The last game we decided nicholas leaw was "kap kei-ing" because i typed towards my allies that he kap kei then he can suddenly tell us he didnt.(pro rite? can see our allied chat punya)Either way i got number 1 for all three rounds even if i lost the last one.(lansi-ness)

After that we all ciao go saji makan and some went back school and some went back home.Btw marcus chiang alot of things he suddenly went to the counter at saji and payed.(macam those uncles in the family that pretend go toilet and pay bill)Soon after everyone went to school, me and justin pergi library chill awhile.On the way there seorang yang bernama yuen hee suddenly ask me take her bottle from library.So we did lar took dy went down she hilang we ask around they say she balik dy.....

Selepas tu, justin gave me a lift home as always then later on pergi 1 utama gym. But the faggot justin forget hes wallet meaning no card so cant go into da gym(times like this we called very the jibai)And so we ended up walking around till justin told me ada event at new wing. They did have an event but it started around 8 pm like 1 hour and beberapa minutes after we arrived (imagine all the idle walking and talking c*ck happened before that )I watched glowuz yesterday and it was cool :D

After that went back home and DoB or Dead on Bed mode.Well today is suppose to be a school day but where am i while the rest are at school? Sleeping in comfort of my own home.

PS:I love espirit the sparkling juice.