Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Picture Pwease :)

Yay today ish picture day for me at school : D joy!!! Well the joy is in skipping abit of bm and maths to take pictures but the best bestest betest of the bestest is the part where my moral teacher(also the head mistress) which is super boring didnt come yay XD *scream for joy*

Also my english teacher didnt come today so i got like 5 or 6 free periods today: P and i think theres another 4-5 or 6-7 if u count siviks as a free period(i do :P) Mr henry my kh/pj teacher went for mssd >< All the best for the mssd guys representing smkts :D. Thats 3 periods 2 pj 1 kh plus another 2 siviks and 1 lovely waktu belajar sendiri.

I actually wonder some times why we have waktu belajar sendiri o.o I mean whats the point no one studies but im glad its still there so best make use of it and spam crap wholeeeee day. Its almost becoming a point for me to love going to school.

Also i like to wish the best of luck to a little man i know who might face certain dificulties today:)

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