Monday, March 26, 2007

Stuff i did today and yesterday

Nothing much on sunday did alot stuff , hanged out with the djs and then bought some clothes. Also i took a picture with MODELS.

Then the rest of the day continued like normal. Ran like a crazy person after my dad told me he has arrived because i thought i was late. Ran so fast now my thighs hurt. Today is a monday and i went to school in the morning. Nothing wrong with that if ur a ordinary person but i hate school so it was very the tiring with me + i wasnt feeling the best of health in the morning. Was sneezing my ass off during perhimpunan D: Later on went to class for Bm and BI and then we had maths.... i love maths..... especially when puan teh yells out to the class "Everyone do your work, EVERYONE DO MATHS NOW!!" like we are partying or something :P

Gotta love maths sometimes. Then WBS the most awaited part of monday. Talked with ellysia , janice and yoke yee. After some stuff they talked about i didnt know we decided to nick name each other. I became Yappy, Yoke yee became Y Y. tu punya janice became Wei Wei but she aint too happy about it and ellysia became ..... forget dy someone remind me. Ish sleepy and i forget things so fast when im sleepy so forgive me yeah i correct it some other day.

After that school ended, pergi saji to makan with friends. After makan we suppose to go back school but then b man suddenly want go tar kei so we ended up dotaing a 2 rounds. Won both of them naturally especially with a "JIN" fellow on the other team i played so seriously without giving much face to him :)

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