Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missed update

Imma not gonna update anything about tuesday i couldnt log in and post anything because google was down or something neither do i care. So imma continue on about today because i forgot most of what happened yesterday

Walked to school this morning because of certain complication. Went to school did the usual thing went to class......... Had pj, kicked the balls a few times and then went back to class after the round of drinks at canteen and changing. English teacher pn. surita not here today again so very the free period....I must be having memory lapse or something but my memory is getting worse and worse so i forgotten what i did......At the last period of English before rehat encik zaidi came in and i was sitting infront of him for some reason i cannot remember.....Sitting infront of him is kinda being off the radar.

After rehat i walked around aimlessly mostly forgotten what i did. At end of school kami pergi Cyber.....My comp was kinda sucky keep restarting after 5-10 minutes of the game so got pissed and went around playing for other people....

No the mood blog gg...

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