Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Espirit The Jetty and The shuffling

After this mornings post bug thingy i decide not to mess with the font size im sure it doenst really matter but it will greatly dull.So ur gonna find me not putting colours and font size when im too busy or no mood for blog.

Went to 1 utama today with justin bryan and louis. Then met a bunch of kawans some i knew some i ddint. Watcher glowuz again. Checked what time was the shuffling then kami pergi hang kai till leg tired.After awhile i went buy shirt then at nite we shuffled there was some cute little girl around 2 years old trying to follow the shuffling by jumping and moving up and down.(was really cute i tell ya) Then we all ciao balik.Btw justin balik awal because when we told justin about the shuffle thing he wanted to extend hes outing when the moment he called instead of extend he kena potong time straight have to balik rumah. Other then that i ate lunch, bought a shirt , ate lunch , played foosball , ate lunch and drank Espirit.

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