Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tomorrow school begins.....yuck....

As the tittle says tomorrow school begins after a 1 week holiday.Damn that was short....Cant even remember much of what i did besides watching a movie about kids on crack and 300 male models fighting.

bah....enuf about the school....more about the few hours of holiday i have left : ( . Damn msn was acting up this morning causing some error on my comp to create a generic win32 process failure. Too lazy to explain what it means but technically it f*cked my morning.Went on playing ps 2 awhile till a bunch of people visited my house today to eat some special porridge my mom made.Not saying my moms porridge is nice but its a special occasion type which all chinese is believed to eat on the 29 of the first month of chinese calender.

Woke up with many many many people outside my room all talking and stuff.Didnt really dare go out of my room for awhile because for the first time so many strangers in my house.(im quite anti social in the morning)

Well nothing else special happened today. Better get start doing the 1 week old home work from last week.

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