Thursday, March 22, 2007

Skipped school,Dreams<,stuff

I skipped school again today :D yay :D but tomorrow i need to go :( then got librarian duty lagi aihz.....Dunno who going librarian duty but i hope people i know doing :D

Other then that today nothing much, play till 6.30 am today when u peeps all go to school im at home :D Woke up around 2 pm then ate at 2.30 pm, like any other school day im doing whatever im doing after school. Had tuition today,blog about them later. Today i had alot of weird dreams, been having alot of them lately. Some seems so real while seems so cool :) But they are some sads one which consist of people i not knowing.

Will blog about it some other day

Had tuition today with bryan and justin as usual but then travis came too.I was worried about what he was gonna do when we are tuitioning, but he said he wanted to read mangas in my room but ended up sleeping instead. So we had tuition today started with sejarah which we kinda sucked because its form 1 (so long ago how to remember) but its cool because we like our teacher Mister Ang. Unlike puan pengetua or other teachers at school he teaches with much enthusiasm
and the class is always interesting.I felt like im learning when im tuition + its in comfort of my own home.We been believing that mister ang will 1 day blow up 1utama up for some reason but yeahs... . Other then that we did maths which was okay and then moved to geo. Geo started with me falling behind but i pawned at the end as usual :D.

After tuition we went to wake itu punya budak in my room. We were suppose to go to 1utama for gym or for other reasons but ended up staying at my house to digimon and hang out for dinner.We wanted to go kayu but it rained till 8 when i had to ask mom to tarpau food. We are we played and they went home. Im alone again now blogging (yay!!)

No pics today cause didnt go anyway for awhile.

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