Sunday, January 6, 2008

Zombie Holocaust

Ive been having dreams about a zombie holocaust more and more often nowadays.
So i thought i might put a list of things to do for those of u who are least likely to survive such an event and just make more zombies for me to kill : D

Well firstly if a zombie apocalypse happens and u want to survive it, first u have

1:Make sure it really is one before anything else without putting ur self in danger.
2:Secure a Valid perimeter to ensure u have time to think about what next.
3:Secure food and water supplies but more importantly shelter.
4:Dump all sentimentality out the window because its about survival now.
Examples : your best friend or close member of the family just died or became a zombie, dont stone there and cry. Run or Aim for the head.
5: Sharp LONG pointy things that are solid and can be used to pierce the skull to hit da brain is your best friend.
6: Your next best friend is ofcourse fire arms, but its rather scarce being in a peaceful country like malaysia .
7: For those who never used a fire arm before , dont whine do something and try to shoot. But just try not to shoot ur self in the leg : D ****AIM FOR THE HEAD
8: Beware of insane people that you will meet because if it really happens everyones sanity gonna be at its limits.
9: SECURE plentiful ammounts of food and water for being in malaysia , due to all natural means and pray thanks that no mutation happens, the zombies will rot or die off fast enough.
10: Wait for shit to happen or steal a car and drive around

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