Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Golly holidays

went for a count down at curve :D!!

And now i shall list a thank yous :D

Firstly thanks to travis for making my first cd event 30% sucky
Then secondly 20% to the bastard spraying me for making it annoying
Also 40% to the Shogun for making my lunch worthwhile
Lastly 10% to the hot and cute chicks around...well for being hot and cute :D Eye candy never hurt anyone XD

Also watched Avp2 which i thought was okay if u know the story ~~
Some said it was boring and sucked cuz they probably dont remember the first one or never seen the game before ~~

Then i also fixed a handphone , help some aunty and stoned for a couple of hours in a public place. Woopy f*cking doo sure love holidays : ) next year im so not going curve anymore

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