Thursday, January 3, 2008

wee new class

W00t new class im in 3 cempaka now :D and i have a new HOBBY :D!!!

well melinda wants me to blog about well hi melinda i blogged about you weee :D!!!

Kay now on towards my hobby. My new hobbies are thinking of ways to make the guy called Zhou Liang suffer : ) so im sharing 10 ways with u all even thou they are rather simple

1:Punch him the in face
2:Beat him with a stick
3:Whack him with the books im gonna get tomorrow
4:Break his fingers
5:Stab his tongue
6:Poke his eye out with my thumb
7:Suffocate him with the rubbish bag
8:Relocate his shoulder bones
9:Break his legs
10:Just plain push him off the 3rd floor

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