Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mine Promise To Thee

I swear with all my power I will take You down
Delete You , doesn't matter how doesn't matter anymore when
As long I can with even my life I will end You.

It was then when You made my life lose all its meaning
And now I'm just a living shell, One which has only 1 purpose
And it is with this shell that I will do all I can just to rid this world of You,

I would Bring the World to the point of destruction
I would Bring upon Chaos to End Thee
No graves will be made Nor death be mourned
No Rest for the wicked Nor Hope for the weary
Till the Time Which I End Thee

I Will Wipe Thee Existence As I Wipe Mine Sin
Even when all flesh has rotted and all bones are dust
I Will Walk To Finish What We Started and End Thee
Even when the world has fallen and all has been lost to darkness
I Will Wander The Abyss To End Thee
Even when my memory is gone and my soul is shattered
I Will Keep Mine Promise And End Thee

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