Friday, May 16, 2008

Another tag to annoy you with : )

Section one : Have You Ever

1.Cheated on Someone? I am always cheating in life ^^
2.Fallen off the bed?Twice actually....i now sleep aware thanks to that : )
3.Broken someones heart? w00t yes :D
4.Had your heart broken? maybe....don't remember
5.Had your dream come true? Always ^^
6.Done something you regret? Alot : D but i wouldn't have it any other way

Section two : Currently

1.Wearing? House clothes
2.Like anyone? duh? who doesn't
3.Had Piercings? T4kd3 : (
4.Drive? Once and my last till im 18 T_T
5.Ever smoked? Who knows : )
6.Tattoos? Non so far : D

Section three : Last person you

1.Hugged? Don't remember.....someone in my dreams i think ><
2.Kissed? Private ^^
3.IMed? i MSN everyday lar
4.Talked on the phone to? Jia Eu..... GO TAKEI w00t !!
5.Yelled at? Don't remember... i yell alot

Section Four : Personal

1.What do you/did you wanna do when you finish(ed) school?Move ta japan ta live :D!!
2.What has been the best day of your life? The day i was born and die?
3What comes first in life? Immortality and Preseverance
4.What are you most scared of? Dying on the job....or being alone....
5.What do you ussually think of when you go to bed? Alot of random random crap
6.Did you lose someone you really loved? Thinked so....
7.Love you family? maybe ^^

Section five : Favourite

1.Movie? Currently....Narnia prince caspian , ironman and Persona3 althou persona isnt a movie
2.Song? Subete no hito no tamashii no shi and subete no hito no tamashii no tatakai and Memories of you/kimi no kioku
3.Ice cream flavour? Durian flavour :D
4.Fruits? Durian and custard apples ^^ nyam
5.Candy? Cotton candy and the good ol' lollipop
6.Day of the week? i dont really have any favourite days : (
7.Colour? and grey black

Section six : Do you

1.Like to give hugs? Depends to who and what ^^
2Like to walk in the rain? Yes : D i dont feel sweaty in the rain
3.Prefer black or blue jeans? i can't wear jeans T_T but i would take black?
4.Like to travel? I plan to go around the world :D
5.Sleep on your side? Err dumb question like duh?
6.Have a goldfish? i remember pieces of my past with fighting fish only
7.Ever have the falling dream? Yeah, some i jumped my self
8.Have stuffed animals? I have not stuffed any animals ^^

Section seven : This or that

1.Pierced nose or tongue? Ear
2.MTV or BET? I cant watch both...but mtv i guess
3.7th Heaven or Dawsons Creek? Seen dawsons creek once before and i think neither
4.Sugar or Salt? Sugar is candy rite? sugar then
5.Silver or gold? Silver : d cooler and wont get robbed :D
6.Chocolates or flowers? I would eat chocolates and give flowers : D
7.Colour or black-and-white photos? Black and white :D more nostalgic noir feeling
8.M&Ms or Skittles? Skittles p4wn t3h w0rld
9.Stay up late or sleep in? Both :D depends
10.Hot or cold? cold....everything cold....even food....
11.Ketchup or Mustard? Ketchup, mustard is icky : (
12.Spring or Fall? Fall :D cooler nicer end feeling
13.Happy or Sad? Sadness of battle and the happiness of victory
14.Wonder or Amazement? Wonder : D
15.OC or Laguna Beach? Whats oc : (

I tagged:

  1. Zhuo Liang Cuz i love to annoy the fk outta him
  2. Xinwei : D
  3. Justin t3h f4g
  4. travis of the Face..........

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