Friday, May 2, 2008

Burn My Dread extended

22. Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
Vocals: Yumi Kawamura, Lotus Juice

I will burn my dread
Burn my dread

There's no man's land
No man's ever survived
Invisible hands are
Behind you just now
If you ever win that
Race against rage then
You'll be the king coz
It's no man's land
(For real)

The mask in heavy rain
Ultimately slain
Make shadows slave
What they done is in vein
Carrying AK-47
Twenty four-seven but
You've got eleven
Persecuted by heaven

Comes from the direction
No indication
You've got to
To let it move first
Let it out
Let it down
Let it inside
Let loose
Letting letting damn depressed
Let's get it up

Then which gotta do is to
Drop the hammer down
Drop rhyme drop hammer
Digging like a labor
You've got blood all over
Ash all over
Spit it out son
Game's over

Burn my dread
Tear up your fear
The end is coming near
Spit it out like a spear*
I'll burn your dread

No soul
All dust
We bust justice
To the man with no life

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