Sunday, July 29, 2007


We often forget things, from minor things like what we had for lunch to major things like important date of important events. There are some who even forgotten how to feel an emotion such as love then those who forgotten how to hate or even feel anything at all.

When we put to much devotion into something we just forgotten what was it that motivate us to do it. Forgotten how it felt like to do it because we wanted to not because it is our duty. Forgetting isnt like something we don't know, because what we do not know we can learn. We can learn to understand, we can learn how to love,hate and feel. But if one forgets, getting it all back isn't as simple.

When we were born, we are like blank slates, nothing written on it because nothing is learned. As time goes by it is feeled with feelings and emotions we are to feel. But to forget is like to have a peace broken from the slate. Until we find that peace it is like we never had that emotion nor can we rewrite it.

We forgotten as life passes by
people are forgotten
whether dead or alive
we just always forget
in the end we end up with nothing
but lost memories,lonelyness
and in the darkness we hide
to one day face the truth
that all is forgotten

Emotions we had, friends we cherished
Rivals we fought, enemies we sought
Comrades we lost and those we met
We are those who have lost it
We are those who advice you
We are those who bring warning of that to hold onto what u have and remember with your soul

The Forgotten
(2005, Rick tan)
(2007, Rick Tan Drugs Grandes) Editted

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