Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Dream

Just about recently which is 10 minutes ago before i posted this i had the a dream.....a seemly realistic one to some point.I dont remember how the exact thing went but this is brief cut of it which is kinda long.

It started normally like any dream but i didnt really remember the start but abit after it was me walking in what seemed like a office corporate building with alot of people in their underwear in white (Don't mean anything perverted here mind you) I was walking around aimlessly in a wonderlust till suddenly i had regain my thought and then everyone seemed to be wearing clothes again....White clothes but it didnt seem like those normally people wear since i was in some kinda corporate office. Then i was wondering what we were or where am i when something hit me saying Angels or atleast that what i think it is since everything was white and gots the golden thingy on their heads. Then after awhile everything was getting back to normal some were wearing their normal corporate uniforms and half weren't but i was still wandering around till i reached a window and for some reason i jumped out of it ><(weird i know) but i knew i would be safe. Rite after i was back on the street and it turned into a ordinary dream where it was me as my self but the odd thing is my dream always take me back to my old home which was rented before i came here ( i never dream of me being in my new house before....) then i was infront of it but i didn't enter instead i went to the opposite house ( which didnt look like my neighbours house all of a sudden) it turned out to be a house belonging to a good friend of mine. Went in for something dunno what but walk into a strangely diferent housing which obviously is not my friends house but somehow i know it is.....Walk in met a bunch of some known yet some i never seen before in my life and offer my usually greetings to elders and such....Saw my friend going up the stairs so i followed but just that the stairs became broken down-ed so while climbing i some how demonstrated my acrobatic skills of some sort ( if i was thinner i believe i can do those) to get into a room. It was normal room with 3 windows towards the outside and what seemed to be a brother of on of my other friends lost his contact lens which was just on the floor so i helped him pick it and gave it back with the usually formalities then i was walking around aimlessly again seen a bunch of other friends and also some i never seen before in my life but some how know who they were. After that i was in aroom eating durians i think which is probably effected by me thinking about the durians about me having to eat today but lets skip it. After getting out of the house i find my self on a strangely familiar high way but never seen before road going to get a taxi home it seems....We reached the taxi stand/bus stop but there were no taxies then suddenly some old man yelled at me and my good friend to get into a taxi near the traffic light which was red so i went but it was taken by another man. The old man then offered me another which was just waiting to turn in from somewhere so i crossed the road to meet him but i just walked somewhere else... I forgotten what happened next but i was in a supposingly big corporate office but looked more like a cyber cafe... Then i was up for job interview but suddenly it involved cooking which is abit too long to explain lets just say me and another guy called harry but looked like someone from my class was making bread with butter and oil ( bleh) and sweetened strawberries with some pie looking things.... i walked around aimlessly met people i knew and dont as usual giving formalities and such. I was clueless so i asked another guy for a job and then he asked me some requirements which i somehow had and then he said i was hired. Following him for awhile through the labyrinth of computers and people we were stopped and asked to go see some Miss branches which i never seen before in my life for the real interview so we went. Harry's preparation was done very well but he took a long time puting it together for serving to the Miss or Mrs Branches so i served mine first. It was rather messy for some reason and i somehow became female i think but wasn't for some point. My presentation of food was missing the strawberries. Mrs Branches started with the pie looking thing and said it was really good but moved on to the bread with butter and oil ( which looked like it ) and took a bite of it. Her expression which was moody change delibrately and started to smile but somehow i knew it was not enuff. Then i remember some odd words and just said it starting with eating makes the feeling of a little girl or something then she said some thing about being enlightened and then said i was hired. Harry (the guy from my class) loooked very disappointed but i gave him some encouragement or something then he smiled and walked away. Then i was hired and went into another wanderlust meeting people i know and not know when i met Mrs branches again. She was very friendly this time assuming she was very serious at the interview and thanked me, giving compliments and such till i somehow forgot her name and asked " i didnt quite get ur name" while shaking her hand and the she told me Branches. I went into another wanderlust soon after for awhile till i reached the toilet which i went in to erhem do my business when i met a bald fat old man who like in movies are mafia bosses. He was washing his hands when another guy walked in sayed hi to me but when he saw the Old Bald Fat Man(OBFM) he ran out in terror. Then the OBFM turned around saw me there. I smiled, he smiled back and i suddenly just said i will make u something good to eat. Next thing i remember the OBFM was surrounded with some kinda healthy looking food which resembles sea food and vegetables. He was at a spa or something in the company hes whole body but the head was in some thingy and the food was ontop of him. Some other of the members were having the same thing it seems and he tried it. His expression change the instant he tried some prawn thing and wanted more. (he was being fed by his subordinates because hes hands are under the thingy as well) then suddenly came some lady barging in and screaming u should eat that its bad for my health. You should be exercising instead or something when the OBFM said some words which i somehow told him earlier and that was the end of it. Near what seems to the closing time of the company i went on another wanderlust meeting even more people and walking around then people started asking me did i buy them 8 pizzas or something i said no it wasn't me so i just kindly said so. Then trouble started when they say some kid was missing and i went on a search for him or something some guys bro. I later saw some moving shadow of some statue armor thingy on the second floor and they told me it was some archeological ( dunno how to spell fix that later) department, and it was a locked area whatever that means. I remember exiting and suddenly jumping down some stairs ( in dreams u can defy gravity ><) and follow some people around then i went back to the office where i saw the moving shadow. I saw it again so i requested the head of the department ( seems like him ) i think it was the pizza which someone said i bought for everyone that helped me. He let me into the area then i saw the moving statue thingy moving and it fell so i caught it. I moved it to the table and opened it. The head part of the statue was warm or hot so i suggested someone was inside. We slowly oppened it but it was empty when we removed the head thingy but then we remembered the kid was short so we open the rest and discover the kid. Then we got the kid out he was blue and pale and had those anime like expression of a dizzy person so i straightly order to get him someplace warm and food and water. After that i figured something was wrong when i had vissions of a shadow with big glowy eyes doing bad things >< Then somehow there were this 2 girls being led by the shadow thingy somewhere.... I felt somehting amiss(dunno how to spell again :P) so i followed.

They were way ahead of me so i did the gravity defying thing and jumped outta a 3rd or 2nd storey window some how grabbing something and jumping down without getting injured. Chased a motorbike which i believe belong to those 2 girls. I lost them after awhile but i following my instincts i went to the correct direction and found that they crashed but dunno some how they kept moving on. I also overheard a mechanic or someone like such saying something about the motorbikes 2 sides lamps were crushed so i pursued on wards till i reach a narrow back alley of 2 housing rows. I went into the dark alley finding the bike, looked up the girls were with another lady on the opposite building. Using some sneaking abilities i learned from a game i quickly made my way closeri stopped at some drain thinggy and a wall to the other building then i looked into a stairs towards a house with a window. At first i saw the curtains blowing there wasn't anyone then i looked again to find some shadow or something there. From that point onwards i knew the girls were in danger so doing some gravity defying again i climbed over the fence and ran as fast as i can knowing the girsl were gonna jump ( the building became a tall building suddenly) then i saw 1 of the girls falling she suddenly became a little girl so i ran to catch her. I almosted failed to catch her when her head i think touch the ground abit as i reached out to catch here. A feeling of worry suddenly came upon me as i keep asking are u alrite are u alrite please be alrite ? She suddenly opened her eyes and blinked at me so i knew she was okay when suddenly a woman who was putting clothes out to dry at nite rushed towards my direction and thats when i remember the other girl who was about to jump . I took a quick look up and rushed forward to catch her but as if some force trying to stop i was too late. She fell and everything went off, I suddenly could feel tears coming out of my eyes as i rush to the body.

Then like the ending of some anime or movie My vission changed and i saw something like ending scene of what seems to be a old man standing at the tree of life saying something about how not everything can be saved and some must be sacrificed and such. Then i got to see the trailer of what gonna happen next and i woke up after a scene where the OBFM was ordering pizza and paying in my name ~~

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