Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gray Shade

I cannot see I cannot see,
A gray fog has blocketh me,
What will happen and what is to come,
Has clearly eluded me

No matter how much i stare,
A gray cloud is all i see
It blocks what is to come
It blocks what is to happen
It blocks all that will be

Why is there a gray shade disrupting my vision?
A great destiny i am not allowed to for tell ?
A great decision which i may not meddle in?
A great tide of destruction that must descent?

A truly decisive future
that i cannot meddle in
i express joy for the greatness archieved
and grief for the sadness which comes
A future that must be decided by
And only by them who have the gray shade
For they are destined for cH4nG3
And also for sorrows of sacrificed

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