Monday, February 25, 2008

Drowning the Regrets and Sorrows

It was night like this that i hated.... School tomorrow....The day before being too lazy....

And i have trouble sleeping. No matter how many times i closed my eyes i just couldnt sleep. I didnt know why at first, So i did what every else would do... Find something to snack on. I had some fruits in the fridge which i havent ate yet. So i went to chow it down.

It was when i was eating i just had a realization of things... Thinking back... All the foolish shit i done and all the things i got that gones to waste. Truly u wont feel its needed until its all too late. I thought back into time. Further and further.

This was a night where i couldnt drown my feeling of regret and sympathy towards the things that i lost. Wasted and beyond repair... I dont really know what to do except to drown my self with something they call Reality or what others call The Present and in now. No use thinking about the past, its already over nothing u can do to help it.

But what really makes me stronger and closer to my goal is to actually accept it and save what i can.

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